My Goals

Student/Family Support

– Our schools are there to support the education and growth of our children. As a school board member, I will work to ensure that we take a holistic approach in overcoming the challenges that are unique to our district.

– I will work to further the District’s Strategic Plan to improve access and awareness surrounding:

  • options for learners with alternative needs, special needs, or high ability
  • resources for families with low income
  • programs for English Learners
  • mental health services for students and staff

– I will champion the District’s vision of our “Culture of Belonging” and promote a supportive learning environment for children of all identities and abilities.

– I aim to encourage partnerships within our community to support the students and families of Bellevue Public Schools.

Teacher Support

– The district cannot function without its hardworking staff. I will support competitive teacher benefits and professional growth and learning opportunities to improve the hiring and retention of quality educators.

– According to the District’s Annual Report, 81% of our staff have a masters level or higher education, and an average of 16 years of experience in education. I will work to make sure we are empowering our capable educators to do what they do best.

Accessibility and Accountability of the Board and Administration

– I believe I can help the BOE and Administration engage our community in alignment with the District’s Strategic Plan. I would like to see an increased community presence regarding the great diversity of programs and services within our district. This would help promote awareness and access for families currently in the district, as well as families looking to join Bellevue Public Schools.

– In addition, I would like to see the Board of Education’s monthly meeting streamed live and posted on the District’s website to promote transparency and further increase community engagement.

– As a Board Member, I would strive to be more responsive to the stakeholders and encourage them to reach out to work together to strengthen BPS.

Fiscal Responsibility

– As a Board Member I will pledge to use a data driven and judicious approach regarding the utilization of the limited funds available to us in Bellevue Public Schools.

Proximity to Offutt AFB

– Bellevue is proud to host Offutt AFB in our community. I will work to maintain our Purple Star School Designation in Bellevue Public Schools to support that needs of military involved students and families.

– Strengthening our relationship to the Base will support mission readiness as well as improve Bellevue as a potential permanent home for service members in their futures.

Covid-19 Response

– Thankfully we have many tools at our disposal to address the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. If there is a surge that threatens the health and safety of our students, staff, and larger community, I will strongly advocate for the appropriate mitigations measures so that BPS can operate safely, especially for those children and families that have complex medical needs.