Why I’m Running

Here in Bellevue, we have a wonderful framework of land, history, people, and industry making our city unique. My family has roots here and I’m invested in the present and future state of our community.

A quality education system is a major part of the foundation of a community. It is essential to support local families and grow our next generations of thinkers and doers. A strong public school system is also important for the sustainability and growth of the city itself.

Attending the monthly school board meetings since my child started kindergarten has inspired me to become more involved in serving the community in this way.

I am committed to using my knowledge of child development and the problem solving skills I gained as a healthcare professional and community volunteer to assist the District. I want to grow and improve upon the programs in Bellevue Pubic Schools to support children and families of all needs. I always seek to educate myself on topics of concern and will approach issues with an open mind and a willingness to listen and have difficult discussions in a respectful and productive way.